Hello, and welcome to The Paisley Windowpane, a space centered around my love for the 1960s, mod culture, and mid-century modern design.

My name is Yvette Claire, and I’ve always loved the 1960s. As a young girl, I would pore over my parents’ photographs from their teen years. I also grew up listening to my dad’s Beatles records. In my late teens, I discovered 60s Jamaican music— ska and rocksteady, specifically. It was love at first sound. From there, I was introduced to the mod culture and never looked back.

My style can be best described as somewhere between “Take Ivy” and Carnaby Street. My blog’s name was taken from a sixties song, but paisley and windowpane (plaid) are also two of my favorite patterns. The name captures my style perfectly.

My love for the 1960s extends beyond fashion and music. I love mid-century modern design as well. We own a 1962 California rancher and enjoy decorating and making period appropriate updates to our home.

Other things about me: I love Jesus, I play the drums, I collect Blythe dolls, I am Team Nintendo (I love Mario Bros. and Animal Crossings), ramen is my favorite food, and I am a big Korean drama fan. I am wife to Dave (also a mod), mom to Lil’ B, and human to my favorite dogs in the world, Nixon and Mia.